Wake Up Time Pro - Alarm Clock App Reviews

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Good Alarm Clock

Does what it says. Does it well. Some good faces. Overall very happy. Could always use some tweaking for individuals but for what it is, it does it well.

pop ups

works great but i paid for this alarm and i keep geting pop ups just exactly the same as the free version i dont like that i bought it to avoid that i should had kept my money if this was going to be the issue

Nice clock faces ONLY work full screen :/ Boo.

I bought the app NOT for an alarmclock, but to have a nice looking clock on my mac screen. AFTER buying it I find you can only see the good looking clock faces in FULL SCREEN. Pretty useless and lame as far as I’m concerned.

Alarm Doesnt Go Off

I bought this because I didnt have my phone for one night and needed an alarm for work. There is instructions (which I followed). When my computer was asleep (as instructed) the alarm never went off. Good thing I had a backup alarm on another device. Waste of $1.00

It’s ok

Beautiful clock (I haven’t used it as an alarm). But it’s annoying that it reverts back from full screen to non-full screen if you click anywhere on another monitor. Basically I want it in full screen on one monitor while I work on another, but I can’t do that because as soon as I click anywhere on my ‘work’ monitor it minimizes back to the basical digital with wood on either side.


Hi/Om, I Love this Alarm Clock, It Is the Very first clock that has Never let me down. On either my iMac, or, MacBook. Providing I am within range? (I intend to get a New bluetooth speaker, to carry around, up on my rooftop, or, on my lower balcony, so I am awoken at the self prescribed times, allotted by my schedule. I think the bluetooth appendage would be fantastic, as It Is waterproof, and, signal’s that a cell incoming call Is attempting to come through my iTunes, etc… What a wonderful ‘Age of technology’! By the way, to alleviate All that Techno stuff, I have a ‘Rooster’, alert/awaken me, as It can be very easy to drift asleep, In the Warm Sun, up on rooftop. (Anyone else like the Rooster, Best?). Thanks much Rocky Sand, I have most of your App’s! Cheers, Pete Cordoni III Post Script, A GREAT 2.O Version would be a perfect upgread with More choices of ‘Sounds’ to awaken to! Thanks, again!

Best on market!

Awesome app! My mac is going to sleep with me and wake itself - and then wake me up! Genius!

Not good … Not bad

On Yosemite is working but application have many bugs.

Difficulty importing songs

Hiding and adding sounds in the sound preferences does not work properly.

Custom music does not work!

I hope you fix this bug. OSX 10.10.


Waking up to your pump song truly feels great!! #BreakfastChiddyBang


The instructions said to put the computer to sleep and then Wake Up Time Pro will wake your computer up, the alarm will go off and wake you up. That did not happen, making the app completely pointless.

Great App! Simple and Sleek

thanks for making great stuff…few more sounds (maybe energy) and you are set!!

Doesnt work.

I added my own alarm sound, and its not showing up. Dumb.

Not working

Among the ten trials, only one worked. In the other nine ones, I set the time and pressed the "sleep" button; but when the set time came, my mac did NOT wake up. As instructed by the app, I do not have passcode for my laptop. However, when I turned on the mac, the alarm started to ring! Really? Whats the use of alarm clock if I need to turn it on at the time I want to wake up? One star is for the customizable ringtones.

Its almost there

The clock works perfectly fine, it wakes me in the morning and has cool designs. The only problem is I dont have 24-Hour display checked and the time wont change to 12-Hour. That needs to be fixed. Other than that the product is highly recommended.

Pretty good app.

It doesnt do a lot. Also, it isnt very fancy. But it works, and it works well. Never had it not go off on me even when in sleep mode. Only reason for no five stars is the small selection of alarm types and no option to play your iTunes music for a wake-up.

Pretty Good

I like this alarm clock and the ability to have your Macbook sleep and then be woken up in time for the alarm to go off. I actually just keep my lid open and turn the brightness down so that my screen does not get used without necessity. The one problem I am having is like the reviewer previous to me said, they posted their review on August 7, 2013. The clock is showing 24 hour format for the time even when not selected for that option. For me, it is only happening in full screen mode. When I go back to regular mode the time is in 12 hour format like I want. When I go full screen it goes to 24 hour mode. Developer! Please take a look at that when you can and fix! Thank you for the app!

Works 99% of the time, however...

...the one time it doesn’t go off (the icon bounced in the dock, and the screen flashed, but no sound) is when I have to be at work ASAP. Unacceptable. And now the icon is bouncing in my dock as I type this and I don’t even have Wake Up Time Pro open…. please fix this!

Its Okay...

There should be an option to have standard time displayed in full screen mode. Also, many songs that I upload to be used as alarms fail to work after uploading them and setting the alarm. The alarm shows that it is active but there is no sound. Really annoying when Im banking on waking up using only this as an alarm. Please Fix!!

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