Wake Up Time Pro - Alarm Clock 앱 리뷰


very nice app.. recommended.

as close to farm life as it gets

love love,just love the cow!!!!!

Good, but not “flashy” enough

I bought this expecting an alarm clock, that looks nice, and is customizable! It is very retro, which is nice, but as the snotty-rich-kid I need more. As a suggestion, add the option to wake up to your own music! Other than my selfish desires it is an awesome alarm

Bare Minimum.

Lots of bugs that need to be fixed such as not changing the alarm time and having to restart the App. Functions missing such as adding extra alarms. But other than that gets the job done

Do not buy this

When I try to do anything with the control, immediately I get a full screen. BAD I deleted it. $3 wasted.

Great interface for excellent alarm sounds!

The first time I used the non-Pro version, I set the Farm alarm with Fade. I woke up a minute after the alarm time I set—but sooo sweetly-gently. The chirping birds were actually incorporated into a dream, and it wasn’t until the loud MOOO! of the cows that I finally realized: "Huh. That’s my alarm. I should stop dreaming and wake up!" THAT’S why I bought the Pro version! One critique: The full-screen clocks. The "Wall Clock" and "Wall Clock: Dark" both have this SHARP color difference, in a line, between about 12 and 5 on the clock face. In every other part, there’s a subtle shadow / gradient. The sharp difference in that 12-5 just looks bad.

How can i…..

How do I change the appearance of a full-screen clock?

Good Alarm

It is a good basic alarm, gets the job done!

Great app but should be improved

This is a great app & does what it tells you. Great alarm sounds & design but it could be more helpful with a "help/info" button under the “Fade” checkmark & sound play button, a button that doesn’t go to the website. I don’t understand how to get to the “General” & “Sounds” & “Clocks” window or Preferences window to change the clock designs and hide sounds!!! Please add this "help/info” section onto the app Rocky Sand Studio & it’ll be a true 5-star App.

Cannot disable blinking colon in full-screen. No support found

Unchecking “Flash the time separators” in Preferences does not disable the Time separator colon blinking in full-screen, but only in non-full-screen mode: I have to use Digits to avoid the blinking. Support links lead only to the FAQ page, which is quite messed up and useless. The app file is dated 2 years ago: Apr 24, 2015. And the Help/Support, as indicated, is no help. Has this app been orphaned or abandoned?

The BEST alarm for Mac EVER!!!

Not much to say but the fact that this is the very BEST alarm for MacBooks ever!!! My only complaint, if you can call it that is the fact that while laying in bed with my mouse next to me, it is very hard to ssee the “Turn Off” button. If it was larger it would be easier to see from 3 meters away. Other than tht, there is NO problem adding wakup tones, make your own from music, use Ringtones, anyway you can with Mac, it is simple. So, llike I said, it is the veery BEST alarm iin the App Store for MAC or aanywhwere else. I use it every day of the week !!! And, I enjoy it every day of the week !!! Cudos to "Rocky Sand” !!!

What's with the ads now??

I bought Pro, why am I all of a sudden getting pop up ads??

Nice clock faces ONLY work full screen :/ Boo.

I bought the app NOT for an alarmclock, but to have a nice looking clock on my mac screen. AFTER buying it I find you can only see the good looking clock faces in FULL SCREEN. Pretty useless and lame as far as I’m concerned.

pop ups

works great but i paid for this alarm and i keep geting pop ups just exactly the same as the free version i dont like that i bought it to avoid that i should had kept my money if this was going to be the issue

Good Alarm Clock

Does what it says. Does it well. Some good faces. Overall very happy. Could always use some tweaking for individuals but for what it is, it does it well.

It works

Wake Up Time works. I like it. Today my son woke up to the rooster sound. The only thing I would add is more choices for alarm sounds.

App no longer working on OS X El Capitan

I can no longer get the app to start on OSX El Capitan

I upgraded to pro...

I was looking forward to new alarm sounds and I found the same 8, but I am glad to support Rockey Sand because this is a good alarm clock for mac. But guys “enjoy tons of built-in alarm sounds” is very misleading.

great app

nice full screen clocks.

Pro is pointless

Just stick with the regular version unless you feel like paying $3 (or 2, forget what it was) for fullscreen alarm clocks that can’t go out of 24-hour time format. The alarm works just fine though.

awesome, could be more diverse

As is, this is an awesome alarm clock. Easy to set, snooze, and turn off. You can choose from these alarm sounds: Digital (terrible high pitched beeping, will definitely wake you up), Cosmic- softer melodic tones, Forest (chirping birds), Farm (my favorite: Rooster, Cows mooing, Dog barking, birds chirping), Ocean Waves, Rooster, Computer (Robot like beeping), and Cow (mooing.) You can choose from two setting of the clock image- either a small window “desk top clock) that takes up about 1/6 of the screen, or a full screen mode. For the desktop clock, I would like to see options for the styles of clocks you can choose from, you only have one option and it is a grey interface with light blue numbers on a dark background, a click and drag pull out window, with wood patterened side framing. There is a display for the alarm time, a button the clearly turns the alarm on or off, and a sleep button. From your menu bar a the top of the screen, under the “preferences tab” you can choose from 11 full screen clocks: 4 digital options, and 5 wall clock options I have never used because none of them IMO are very attractive. In your general settings you can adjust the volume (also can be done on the pull out window), choose 24hr display, whether or not to flash the colon mark between digital hour and minutes, whether to keep you clock ontop of other windows, and you can adjust the snooze time up to 20 minutes. There are a couple of other features too, but none I found very important. Overall this is an easy to use and reliable alarm clock. I have not looked to replace it with anything else but there is room to make it more attractive.

Just because you buy the app doesn’t mean the pop ups go away...

Usually when I buy apps the ads go away. Not in this case. Everytime I open the application an advertisement for the company's other products comes up and its really annoying. Other than that its a good app. Does what it should. However, there is no point of upgrading to the paid version.



Only One Alarm Can Be Set - Add Multible Alarm Times PLEASE

This is a cool alarm clock, it’s loud, but what I don’t like about it is that you can only set one alarm. Lets say I want to set an alarm to get up in the morning, then I want an alarm to remind me when the school bus is coming, or anything else. Well I can’t do that. It only has one alarm that you can set. I figured because it was the Pro Edition it would have more features. Maybe they can add this, if not it looks like I will be finding another alarm clock that can do multiple alarms during the day.

Wake Up Time

I love this app. It is not hard to figure out, super easy to set, and the sound choices are pretty darn useful. I like waking up to the Forest with bird call echoing in the early morn. I set my Iphone 5s to go off 5 minutes after Wake Up Time to hear a loud woodpecker who is determined to get my attention.

Amazing, But There is Room for Improvement

I love this app and depend on it daily to wake me up in the morning. The only thing that could be improved is the UI when the clock is in full screen mode. The bar that goes across the bottom of the screen that says “Press ESC to Exit” stands out way too much. Whoever is the developer of this app should redesign it to where it does not stand out as much, to where it seemlessly integrates into the clock above it (start out with making it less shiny). All in all, the app is great. Keep up the good work.

Best alarm I’ve used.

I have been using this alarm for around a year. I recorded a custom “sound” of myself saying “Wake up, you’re about to be late for work”. It sounds so cheesy, that it forces me out of bed instantly every time. One of those things I just can’t sleep through, for fear that someone else might hear it. Haha. Pretty great app! Definitely the most used one I have, even though you can’t do much with an alarm clock, this one does it pretty good!

Pop Up Ads

When I pay for an app I don’t expect annoying pop-up ads at launch.

Very Nice Travel Alarm

Very good travel alarm. Has all the features you need to keep you on schedule. Great looking clocks, easy to use. Can’t beat the price.

It works, but it’s not perfect

I really love this alarm; it seems like it is the only alarm that can actually wake me up. But, my Macbook is five years old and it has become a tad bit slow. This has caused issues with snoozing in the morning. When I’m groggy and half asleep and I hear my alarm, I have to move my finger across the trackpad for about thirty seconds to wake my “mouse” up, and then I have to find the perfect spot to click on the alarm to snooze. This is why I purchased the full screen option. The only complaint that I have so far is the same complaint that others have mentioned: the military time clock in full screen. But, I wake up around 4:30-5:00 AM, so it is not an issue in the morning.


I shut off my laptop and I tried to go to full screen and it made me buy it again.😡

Don’t Buy It

The app completely shuts off your sound after 5 minutes, and then you have to restart your computer

Beautiful, but terrible interface

The handeling of this app is just terrible. Even though it's $2, its not worth it.


best alarm ever i been late to my job like 5 times the bast month. i am so lucky i got this app :)

Setting an alarm

I honestly have NEVER had as difficult of a time setting an alarm for an alarm clock in my life. It was even easier to set an alarm on my alarm clock I had next to my bed back in 1990. Flip Drawer??? What the heck is that. Took me 20 minutes tofigure out clicking that pops out something on the side where you set the time. Something a little more simply named other than Flip Drawer would make sense. Here is a suggestion, name it ALARM like anyone in their right mind would.

One Huge TurnOFF, But Still Nice

The alarm is great but it is SO annoying that I CANNOT change the full screen clock to 12 hour time rather than 24 hour time. However, it doesn’t bother me so much since I wake up when it single digits in the morning, then I don’t have to do the whole “subtract 12” thing when I’m half asleep and roll over to see what time it is at 2 AM. I don’t know that I’ll use the full screen clock in the afternoons, so it’s not a huge deal. Other than that, I love that I can personalize the sounds I wake up to with with my imported music. Good buy, but please fix the full screen clock!


Looks good so far. Rating now so pop ups stop.

Great app but pro not worth it

I got this app to wake me up in the morning but all the screen are just to bright to let me sleep properly at night so that fetur is not worth it for me. but it is still nice if I could have the screen extreamly dim so I just about see it.

Simple, beautiful little app

This app performs and simple function and looks great while doing it. Some of the full-screen (non wooden) clocks are really nicely designed, it functions well, and has easily saved me when I’ve been without my phone or any other alarm clock.

Happy with it, read it wrong and thought the full screen clocks were screensavers

Happy with it, read it wrong and thought the full screen clocks were screensavers. My fault on that though

not that great

sure, it’s only 2 bucks, but snooze doesn’t seem to work, and the full screen clock can’t be changed from 24hr mode.

VERY Dissapointing

Was really excited about this app but a couple of major flaws I found very disappointing: - Is NOT retina making it looks TERRIBLE on my Retina Macbook Pro - You have to remember to open the app the night before if you want the alarm to ring, it does not run in background - Only possible to set one alarm at a time For such a highly rated app I would’ve thought these issues would’ve been addressed. Wish I could get my money back :(


Asking for ratings will only bring you poor ratings. The application works well, but asking for a rating immediately after installation is bothersome.

I used to love it

I used to love this app was te perfect alarm. HOWEVER, the sleep function no longer works since the recent update. Spending $2 on an alarm clock app that cant put the computer to sleep without crashing? not worth it. Id change my review to 5 stars when this fixed until then 1 star. Please fix asap

Could use an auto dimmer

Great app function… but it would be great if there were an auto-dimmer option when in full-screen mode. Otherwise it’s like using a bright night-light in addition to a clock. Also, it would be wonderful to have more options of skins for the regular display… like perhaps having a transparent skin, or even the option to change the size of the clock display.

One Improvement

This is a great alarm and I use it everyday. It always wakes me up at exacty 6:00. I use the loudest dub step ever as my alarm. I love it. The only complaint I have is that the full screen clock is stuck on 24 hour time. I can’t change it to regular time. The option to change this only applies to the normal clock, not the fullscreen. That is the only complaint I have. One more thing, can you add more fullscreen clock designs. My mac is always right next to my bed and I kinda want something more appealing to look at. No more bright colors though, there are some people in this world that really hate bright colors and would rather be limited to dark colors. Thank you.

Bug Problem

I was a really big fan of this app when I first installed it. Two updates ago the "sleep" function stopped working. Makes the app pretty pointless now. I kept hoping a fix would come along, but it has yet to surface. Please correct this asap.

On or Off?

It’s a great alarm clock with an alarm that can be set loud enough to alert you in the next room. I wish it made it more clear when the alarm was set to on or off.

Wake up Time Pro.

It wakes me up in the morning! What can I ask for. And when I wake up at 3am, my iMac shows me the time as a screen saver. I love this program! My iMac is 20 feet away from my bed so I am forced to get up! If you need to get up! (AM or PM) This is for you! If you need an alarm clock to get you up. Then this is it!

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